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Hookah Tip and Tricks

Flip your bowl over for better flavor

To achieve better flavor, after you have packed your hookah bowl, cover it with aluminum foil before you poke the holes. Then flip it upside down for a few minutes. This will make the shisha tobacco on the top very moist.

Now take off the foil; and take off any shisha or hookah tobacco that might have become stuck to it.  Slide the foil across the hookah bowl in a clockwise motion spreading the juice stuck to the foil evenly around the shisha.

You may now use a new foil (Or wipe the previous one clean of ANY shisha juice), poke holes in the foil, and start smoking.  The juice of the hookah shisha slowly seeps through providing you with the maximum fruit flavor.

Add ice to the water in your base to cool the smoke

The function of the water in the hookah base is to cool down the smoke. Adding ice to the water is a good idea as it makes the smoke cooler and smoother. You can also use cold water from the fridge.

Add your favorite fluids to change the consistency, flavor, or buzz of your hookah smoke

Adding fruit to the hookah base adds more flavor and smell to your hookah. Try to use fruit with a similar flavor to the hookah tobacco being used. Lemon, or lime, or berries are also great enhancers of smell and Taste

Blend and mix your favorite Shisa flavors to create new and exciting mixtures.

Having trouble thinking of your own Mixes of Hookah Tobacco / Shisha then try these flavor suggestions from your favorite local Smoke Shop to get you started:

  •  Guava & Triple x

  • Mango & Swag Berry

  • Mango & Peach

  • Mint & Melon

  • Mango & Blueberry

  • Strawberry & Banana

  • Cherry  & Cola

  • Mint &  Rose

  • Double Apple & Rose

  • Joker & Aces

To mix the tobacco flavors together you can use a multi head hookah bowl or simply mix them in a jar and put it in the bowl.

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