We Carry the Complete Lines of Dr. Squatch, Biggs & Featherbelle, Monster, Touch, and other artisanal soaps:

*= Limited Edition

Dr Squatch:

Alpine Sage, *Area 51 Bricc, *Batman Bricc (Batman), Bay Rum, Birchwood Breeze, *Black Hole, Cedar Citrus, *Coconut Castaway, Cold Cleanse Brew, Cool Fresh Aloe, *Crypto Cleanse, *Dark Side Scrub (Star Wars), Deep Sea Goats Milk, Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt, *Freedom Fresh, Fresh Falls, Gold Moss, Grapefruit IPA, *Irish Cream & Whiskey, *Mars Bar, *Moon Rock, *Only Hope Soap (Star Wars), Pine Tar, *The Riddle Enigma (Batman), *Ruthless Rinse: Star Wars, *Wisdom Wash (Star Wars), Wood Barrel Bourbon

Biggs & Featherbell:

Bar Rum: Bay Rum and Citrus, Barbados Sweet Orange and Grapefruit, Barlesque: Geranium and Patchouli, Bargarita: Lime & Sea Salt, Barlamint: Lavender & Rosemary, Barchouli: Patchouli & Cedarwood, Beach Bar: Eucalyptus & Sea Salt, Creamsicle: Orange & Vanilla, Dream Bar: Lavender & Chamomile, Handlebar: Tea Tree & Neem, Granola Bar Oatmeal & Honey, Garden Bar Sage & Lemon, Goodie Bar: Peppermint & Coca Butter, Grizzly Bar: Patchouli & Spruce, Medley, Jam Bar: Patchouli & Mint, Karaoke Bar: Lavender Lemon Bar Lemongrass & Shea Butter, Koala Bar Eucalyptus & Tea Tree, Moma Bar: Lavender & Olive Oil, Piano Bar Charcoal and Sea Salt, Popa Bar Woodlands Medley, Polar Bar: Eucalyptus & Lavender


Bigfoot, The Bride, Creature, Dracula, *The Ent, Ghostly, Jack the Ripper, Psycho Clown, Reaper, Vampire Hunter, Viking, Witch Doctor, Wolfman, Zombie Killer


Blazing Saddles, Calamity Jane, Cursed Cowboy, Fire in the Hole, Hair of the Dog, Home on the Range, Lust in the Dust

Touch: Turkish 

Avacado, Anit-Cellulite, Aloe Vera, Black Grape Seed, Calendula, Clay, Coconut, Cucumber, Donkey Milk, Himalayan Salt, Macadamia, Menthol, Nettle, Olive Oil, Pearl Powder, Pomegranate, Saffron, Skin Whitening, Tea Tree, Lavender

Imported Indian Soap:

Official Nag Champa, Mysore Sandal, and Chandrika

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