Bloomer Banana Leaf Queen Size Cones


Hey there, Earth-loving friends! Seven Sense, your local smoke shop, is stoked to introduce a product that’s both groovy and green. We’re talking about the Bloomer Banana Leaf “Queen Size” Cones!
Handcrafted from sun-cured, organic banana leaves, these cones deliver a smooth, sweet burn that’s slow and satisfying. But here’s the kicker – each cone boasts an all-natural wax tip embedded with wildflower seeds!
Just imagine puffing peacefully then planting the filter tip in Mother Earth’s soil, sprouting beautiful blooms and aiding our bee buddies! You can literally watch your smoking session transform into a field of flowers. It’s 100% organic, 100% vegetarian, and 100% decomposable.
So don’t just sit there, man! Do your part to save the planet and elevate your smoking experience. Let’s get to blooming with Bloomer Banana Leaf “Queen Size” Cones. The bees (and Mother Earth) will thank you!

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