Bloomer “Save the Bees” All Natural wax Tips


Introducing the world’s first plantable wildflower-blooming filter tips – #bloomer! Made from 100% organic, decomposable, and vegetarian materials, these filter tips are not only environmentally friendly but also help save bees with their embedded noninvasive, flowering seeds. After use, simply plant the used filter tip into the ground and watch it bloom into a beautiful wildflower.

The all-natural vegan wax used in the tips is solid enough to maintain its integrity during normal use and doesn’t emit any harmful fumes. The wax also naturally sticks to any rolling material, making rolling a breeze for both experienced and novice smokers. Plus, it provides a protective and biodegradable barrier for the seeds inside, ensuring they bloom after use.

At 7mm-9mm in size, the #bloomer filter tips are engineered and made with love in Miami, USA by a team passionate about creating sustainable and earth-friendly smoking accessories. Join the #bloomer movement and help make a positive impact on the environment with every smoke session.

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