Samyang Buldak: Tomato Pasta


Unleash your taste buds and let them dive into a bowl of Samyang Buldak: Tomato Pasta! This unique fusion of spicy Korean Buldak and rich, tangy tomato pasta isn’t just ramen – it’s a flavor carnival in your mouth!
Every slurp is a dance between the fiery thrill of Buldak and the soothing embrace of tomato pasta. It’s more than a meal; it’s an adventure that takes your palate on a delicious journey from Korea to Italy, and back! But this is just the beginning.
Seven Sense is your ticket to a world of tastiness with an array of other lip-smacking ramen, exotic snacks, and international drinks that await you. Craving something different? Give us a call because we have an even wider selection in-store. Experience the extraordinary with Samyang Buldak: Tomato Pasta and Seven Sense, where taste and uniqueness reign supreme!

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