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Blueberry Cotton Candy: Relive those carnival memories with this tantalizing blend of sweet blueberries swirled into fluffy cotton candy. It’s nostalgia and novelty, all in one puff.

Gummy Bears: Who doesn’t love gummy bears? This flavor captures the chewy, fruity essence of everyone’s favorite candy, offering a vape that’s both sweet and slightly tangy.

Purple Rain: Enigmatic and enticing, the Purple Rain flavor is a sensory experience waiting to be discovered. Each puff is a cascade of flavors, making it a top pick for those who crave something a little different.

Pink Lemonade: Cool off with this refreshing blend. Pink Lemonade is a tangy-sweet delight, perfect for a sun-soaked day or when you’re just dreaming of one.

Unicorn: A flavor as magical as its name suggests. Dive into a mystical blend of fruity notes, where each puff feels like a journey into a fantastical world.

Blue Razz: Experience the tangy kick of raspberries with a delightful blue twist. It’s a vibrant flavor that dances on the palate, ensuring a memorable vaping session.

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