Gloomer Glass Pendant By Crysis Designs


Introducing the Gloomer glass pendant, a unique creation by Crysis Designs, symbolizing a mythical pet from the distant planet Wubulon. Shaped from vibrant Cobalt glass with Sea Slyme accents, this pendant depicts the Gloomer’s captivating appearance, reflecting the story of their courage during the invasion of the Mumbler Regime.
Standing at two inches tall, with a hole through its back for wearing as a necklace, the Gloomer pendant is a testament to creativity and artistry. It’s not just a piece of jewelry; it’s a piece of lore, linking you to a fascinating fictional universe.
This American-made pendant is available in limited quantities at Seven Sense, showcasing our commitment to supporting local artists and small businesses. Dive into the world of Wubulon and carry a Gloomer with you, a pet that tells a story

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