Pokemon Lenticular Grinder


Remember those hazy afternoons, trading Pokemon cards and dreaming of Kanto adventures? The Pokemon Lenticular Grinder from Seven Sense is like a rad flashback to those days.
Sized just right at 63mm, it fits in your palm like that cherished old Game Boy. Glide from Pikachu’s pokeball-bong sesh to Charmander’s blazing tail joint just by tilting – trippy, right? The rasta weed leaf backdrop? Pure nostalgia with a stoner twist. But it ain’t just about the looks, man.
This grinder’s got game. Whether you’re grinding for a solo chill or a circle sesh, those finely-tuned teeth give you the perfect consistency. So, next time you’re sparking up and drifting back, let this grinder be your time machine. Groovy design, impeccable use, all wrapped in memories – Seven Sense knows how to hit that nostalgic sweet spot.

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