Pokemon Waterpiece


Relive the nostalgia of Pokemon with Seven Sense’s Pokemon Go Travel Bong, a unique union of fun and functionality. This 5-inch silicone bong features a vibrant and intricate design, decked out with iconic Pokemon characters, allowing you to carry a piece of your childhood wherever you go.
Not just a visual delight, the bong delivers high-quality smoking experience thanks to its deep glass bowl and 14mm female joint. Despite being lightweight and durable, it offers the same gratifying hits as a traditional glass bong. Perfect for Pokemon fans and herb enthusiasts alike, the Pokemon Go Travel Bong transforms every smoking session into a walk down memory lane. Easy to clean and resilient, it’s the ideal companion for any journey, game night, or relaxation session. The Pokemon Go Travel Bong — where Pokemon fun meets adult freedom. Catch ’em all in style!
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