Pokeplumbusball Silicone Hand Pipe


Get ready to enter a new dimension of cool with our Pokeplumbusball Silicone Hand Pipe! This epic blend of Pokémon’s iconic Pokeball and Rick and Morty’s bizarre Plumbus, is the ultimate gear for the pop culture-loving stoner.
Compact and light, it’s ready for any intergalactic adventure or chill session at home. It’s made from durable, heat-resistant silicone with an easily removable and replaceable glass bowl, ensuring pure hits and effortless cleaning.
But it’s not all about function – this piece is an absolute conversation starter with its vibrant, unique design. Whether you’re catching ’em all or getting schwifty, the Pokeplumbusball Silicone Hand Pipe is a must-have accessory. Hurry up, grab yours now, and ignite the fan within!

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