Pokey Tool Assorted Designs



These rad Silicone Pokey Tools, man, they’re a total game changer for pipe cleaning. The sharpness? Unmatched! They’ll clear your pipes like a dream without scratching them.
Trust me, you want to get your hands on these Silicone Pokey Tools. They’re more than just pipe cleaners. They’re a statement. They’re your ticket to the cleanest, smoothest smoking experience you’ve ever had. So what are you waiting for, dude? Get yours today!
And the designs, oh man, the designs! Elephant head where the trunk’s your tool, Spiderman with the tool coming out of his neck, Charizard so real it could breathe fire, and the tool? Comes out of his legs! Super Mario and the gnarly Piranha Plant from Mario too! It’s like your favorite characters are right there with you, helping keep your pipes clean and your smoke smooth.
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