RAW Terp Spray


RAW Terp Spray Collection: Elevate Your Sesh

Amplify your smoke to cosmic proportions with the RAW Terp Spray Collection. Each carefully crafted blend is designed to intensify and enhance your smoking experience, whether you choose the tantalizing Orange Soda infused with dominant Myrcene terps, the soothing Sour Apple enriched with calming Caryophyllene, or the invigorating SFV OG infused with uplifting Limonene.
With a simple spritz onto your RAW Paper, RAW Cone, or smoking material, you unlock the gateway to an elevated journey. Embrace the wait as the magic of the terpenes unfolds for six minutes, then ignite and get ready to transcend into a realm of sensory bliss. Elevate your sesh today and embark on a journey where your smoke reaches celestial heights.
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