RAW x Lyrical Lemonade Bud Wraps


Ever dreamt of smoking lemonade, man? Well, dream no more! RAW Cone Lyrical Lemonade is here to blow your mind! Packed with Lyrical Lemonade Terps on real buds, these wraps are made from actual post-extraction flowers, not some hemp. This means you’re in for a truly authentic experience, one that marries the tangy thrill of lemonade with your favorite smoke.
Our wraps are bursting with terpenes, man, and it’s like a lemonade explosion in your mouth, followed by a smoky encore. It’s all thanks to RAW Rolling Papers teaming up with Lyrical Lemonade, bringing the underground rap scene to your smoke sesh.
Best part? Each pack holds 2 wraps ready for you to fill and light up, no rolling skills needed! Plus, the even burn ensures a steady journey, every single time.

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