Ronin Quartz Banger Kit 4



Elevate your smoking experience with the Ronin Quartz Banger 14mm 90 Degree Kit from Seven Sense. This kit combines top-tier functionality and sleek design to deliver pure, smooth hits. The 14mm 90 Degree Quartz Banger heats quickly and retains flavor impeccably, ensuring an unparalleled smoking experience. The kit also includes 20mm and 12mm Terp Pearls, perfect for enhancing heat distribution and ensuring your concentrate is vaporized evenly. Plus, the included Pill offers an extra layer of diffusion for cooler, smoother smoke. The Ronin Quartz Banger 14mm 90 Degree Kit is more than an accessory—it’s an experience, a step up in the world of refined taste and quality smoke. Discover a richer, more flavorful smoke today!

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