Samyang Buldak Cheese Ramen


Welcome to the intergalactic flavor party, stoner friends! Here at Seven Sense, we’re cooking up more than just clouds, we’re serving the Samyang Buldak Spicy Chicken Cheese Ramen, the Godzilla of ramen, the spicy, cheesy lovechild of a flavor-packed one-night stand.
Picture this: it’s like biting into a firecracker with a heart of gold, a taste rollercoaster that makes jalapenos seem like cucumbers. We’re talking an electrifying chicken kick that could spar with Bruce Lee, cooled down with a creamy, dreamy cheese sprinkle that’s as comforting as a Bob Ross painting.
You may find it elsewhere, but not with our cosmic vibes. Life’s too short for lame snacks, right? So, hitch a ride with us on this mouthwatering adventure. The best Ramen is waiting for you, right here at Seven Sense, where we believe in the magic of munchies.

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