Smoke Odor Candle: Lavender With Chamomile


Picture this: a blissful stroll through a sunny meadow of lavender, with calming chamomile wafting on the breeze. It’s relaxation in candle form, perfect for creating a peaceful, aromatic haven in any space.
 These aren’t your typical candles – they’re odor’s worst enemy, packed with nature’s own secret weapon: enzymes. These little helpers don’t just mask bad smells, they munch them up and convert them into a clean, neutral gas. Next, this gas takes on the vibe of our Lavender with Chamomile scent.
Each 13oz candle provides up to 70 hours of burn time. That’s a lot of zen! Part of the Year-Round Mix, the Lavender with Chamomile candle is just one of many fragrance adventures waiting for you at Seven Sense. Dive in and transform your space today!

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