Smoke Odor Candle: Nag Champa


Take a trip to a tranquil Indian garden with Nag Champa, a scent we’re totally stoked to share at Seven Sense. It’s a rich blend of frangipani and sandalwood, like a fragrant breath from the East. Think of being surrounded by exotic blossoms while the earthy, warm notes of sandalwood ground your senses. It’s peace, love, and harmony in the form of a Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle. These aren’t your ordinary candles, man. They’ve got this groovy natural enzyme thing going on that doesn’t just mask odors, it totally neutralizes them. Our 13oz candles offer up to 70 hours of this far-out scent, turning any space into a chill sanctuary. Nag Champa is part of our Pop Culture Mix, which celebrates the beautiful diversity of fragrances, just like the vibrant diversity of life itself. So, come and vibe with us on this aromatic journey, man!

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