Tree Man Incense Burner


Embrace nature’s serenity with the Tree Man Incense Burner. Spanning 12.5 inches of detailed polyresin craftsmanship, this burner depicts a wise old tree, his face serving as the holder for stick incense. On the opposite side, a smaller stump awaits your cone incense.
The faux succulent crowning his head adds a pop of greenery that requires zero maintenance. In between these two features is a picturesque pond, complete with a contemplative frog perched on rocks. Whether for the holidays or as a unique gift for any occasion, this burner complements any style while offering a double-duty function.
Light up some incense and get lost in this miniature world! Thank you for supporting local businesses like Seven Sense; your patronage allows us to keep offering unique and captivating items like this one.

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