Vejas Wind Rolling Tray Grinder Set Signature Series


Introducing the Vejas Wind Rolling Tray Grinder Set from Seven Sense, an exclusive embodiment of The Quadrasesery, the elemental goddesses that underpin our world.
Vejas, the youngest and most whimsical sister, represents the wind. This unique set captures her unpredictable yet potent nature, offering a taste of the ancient wisdom that shapes our collective history.
The set features a large Signature Series tray, a color-matched acrylic grinder, and a specially curated American fumed glass piece worth over $30. Each piece perfectly captures the essence of the wind element.
Note that this is a limited edition – only one of each set exists, making it a unique, prized addition to any collection. In buying this set, you’re investing in a blend of mythology, art, and utility, becoming a part of Seven Sense’s ongoing story of celebrating our Earth and its elements. Get this exclusive set today!

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