Smoke Accessories

Glass Pieces

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Cigar Wraps & Cigarette Papers

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Electronic Cigs & Hookah Sticks

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 Concentrate / oil kits . studio glass . Acrylic . ceramic . soapstoane and metal pipes . local/ custom artists . traditional soft glass and Glass on glass . grinders . glass / metal screens . replacement parts/ pieces . dugouts . vaporizers . protective Cases . cleaners . lighters . storage/ saftey containers
and Much Much More!  

 We Proudly Carry "EZ Grind" . "Ergo". " Diamond Grind" . "Gravlab" . "Kannastor" and "Ryot"
 - Highest Quality Grinders. 100% Guaranteed!

 As Well As Acrylic, Sharpstone, Dual Chamber/ Screened, and
Wooden Grinders.  From $4.99 to $120.00.

High Quality Lighters

Betty Boop

Bob Marley


Marilyn Monroe


Lucielle Ball


 4 for $1.00 "Cheapies"


HQ Torch Lighters from

Cheech & Chong . Bob Marley . Bics  .  D'Jeeps . Clippers . Electronics 

 The BEST - Official ZiPPO Lighters!
* Zippo Lighter Purchases Include Fuel for Life.
** Yep, Every Time Your Zippo Needs Fuel, We'll Fill it Up FREE. 

 Products Shown R Intended
Seven Sense Intl. Does Not Endorse the Use or Sale of ANY Illegal Drugs!
* Our Merchandise isnt Available for Purchase Online, Please Come Visit Our Store.
18 to Purchace. I.D. Strictly Enforced 

DO NOT Sell / Carry Herbal Incense!

 We're a Community Based Business &
DO NOT Sell / Carry Herbal Incense!
or ANY Synthetic/ Chemically Enhanced Smoking Blends / Substances!
All of Our Consumable Products are 100% Natural, Meant for Consumption, and 
Do NOT Contain Any Synthetic, Illegal, Imperative, or Addictive Chemicals."If it's Not Meant for Consumption", I wouldn't misuse it. We have No Interest in Herbal/ Smoking Incense and would advise against it.  Signs in those who abuse it are evident, and though we've stated " is the responsibility of the individual" as to how to deal with their vices; We've also gone on record saying “ is the responsibility of ALL Businesses to ensure the safety, education, & well being of their customer base & employment, to the best of their ability"; and with that,
All Businesses (Especially Local) should be dedicated to the Social/ Cultural enhancement of their Community.
Anything Immoral, or that We wouldn't Use Personally, or Recommend to Someone We Care about? We will Never Sell. Sincerely- Seven Sense Intl.
Do Your Part to Get these "Designer/ Synthetic" Drugs Off the Street:
Besides Being Federally Illegal & Generally Nasty, Doing so Empowers the Stigmas that
Continue to Plague Our Communities & Destroy Our Counter Culture Industry.