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At Seven Sense, we’re proud to offer a selection of wraps that’s second to none! We’ve got your taste buds covered with the flavorful Kingpin 4x wraps – moist, flat, and full of flavor. The ever-popular Camo wraps, our top seller, come five per pack and are all-natural. For those looking for something infused, we’ve got Juicy Terpene Infused wraps and even Skunk wraps. Classic Zig Zag wraps? Of course, they’re a staple! And let’s not forget the all-natural High Hemp wraps. Endo wraps come either as a cone with a wooden tip or regular wraps – your choice. Tyson 2.0 Wraps and Cones are on our shelves too, and they’re a hot item! We even carry the unique Blazy Susan rose Wraps. And for easy rolling, we’ve got Crop Kingz wraps with a ready-to-stick gum line – no licking required! Plus, XXL Wraps and many more! Elevate your wrap game with Seven Sense today!

Camo Natural WrapsCamo Natural Wraps - Seven Sense International

Hailing from Brazil, Camo Wraps are the essence of natural, clean, and flavorful smoking. These self-rolling wraps are meticulously crafted from Chamomile and Mate plants, offering a unique, slow-burning smoking experience. Absolutely free of nicotine and tobacco, these wraps allow you to enjoy your preferred herbal blend in the most pure and satisfying way.

Every pack is generously filled with five wraps, providing ample opportunity to indulge in a moment of relaxation. But the real star of the show? The array of flavors! Choose from Natural, Pineapple, Goji Berry, Strawberry, Passionfruit, Vanilla, Watermelon, Mango, Blueberry, Grape, Chocolate, Russian Cream, Peach, Green Apple, Guava, and Honey. Each variant offers a unique taste profile that transforms your smoking session into a sensory journey.

So why wait? Upgrade your smoking ritual with Camo Wraps and savor the richness of nature’s flavors.

                   Cyclone Cones

Cyclones™ are a game-changer in the world of smoking, and here’s why. They’re designed to address an age-old problem – that cigars or pipes taste better at the start than at the end. This is because as you smoke, the unburnt herbs acts like a filter, absorbing  tar, which intensifies the flavor content with each puff. This can make the end of your smoke too potent and less enjoyable.

Enter Cyclones™ – a patented innovation that’s revolutionizing smoking! The clever cone shape of Cyclones means that more herb is burned at the beginning, and less with each subsequent puff. This ensures a consistent taste from start to finish, no matter how strong your herb gets. It’s an entirely new and delightful smoking experience.

But there’s more! Cyclones are pre-rolled and come with a packing stick, making them easy to fill. They even come in a flavor-sealing tube that you can reuse or use as a snuffer for a partially smoked Cyclone. The reception for Cyclones has been incredible. Sales are through the roof, and the feedback from both industry and smokers has been overwhelmingly positive. Once you try a Cyclone, you’ll understand why. Prepare for an unparalleled smoking experience!

Juicy® Hemp Wraps

Juicy Wraps were already renowned as the world’s most flavorful wraps, but guess what? We’ve ramped up the flavor even more! Our secret intensifying process takes place in the perfect conditions of the Dominican Republic. This method ensures that Juicy Wraps remain moist and flavorful, standing head and shoulders above the cheap, dry alternatives.

What sets Juicy Wraps apart is our legendary triple-dip® flavor system, which infuses every wrap with an unmatchable depth of taste. While our wraps are shipped with just enough moisture to keep them fresh and easy to roll, we recommend allowing your rolled masterpiece to fully dry before lighting up. This extra step prevents unraveling and ensures a smooth, even burn.

Explore our irresistible range of mouthwatering flavors and elevate your smoking experience with Juicy Wraps. It’s not just a wrap, it’s a flavor journey!

Did you know that the average human has about 10,000 taste buds; however, they’re not all on the tongue. Some are under the tongue; some are on the inside of the cheeks; some are on the roof of the mouth. Some can even be found on the lips; that’s why Juicy Papers and Wraps taste so amazingly good. Juicy has 3X more flavor then their bland competitors!

Read More On Raw, from the Words of the Creator of…

The RAW Natural Rolling Paper Project

RAW was a project that came to mind after smoking a pack of additive free cigarettes in 1993. The thought was, if they can make an additive free cigarette, can they wrap it in an additive free paper? There are many rumors about gunpowder rings and strange additives in conventional mass-marketed cigarette paper, these additives could actually increase carbon monoxide (read http://tobaccodocuments.org/product_design/954799.html). We became determined to produce and market the purest cigarette rolling papers possible.”When I first had the idea for RAW, everyone thought I was nuts. They said things like “nobody is going to want to smoke something that looks like a brown paper bag”. I explained to them my vision for an ultra-thin unrefined, unbleached paper that still had its natural brown hue. They laughed and scoffed. Eventually I was able to bring my idea to fruition and in 2005 we launched RAW. The market response was beyond our wildest expectations. RAW is now the fastest growing rolling paper brand. RAW is more than just a rolling paper, it has its own cult-like following. It’s an amazing niche product that really speaks to its fans.”

They say “the devil lies in the details”, and now that we had an idea the problem was how do we bring this idea to fruition. It took years of research and development (and many failed attempts) until we finally produced the first pack of what would later become known as RAW. We sent out hundreds of packs for testing by smokers and received extremely positive reviews. A few older smokers that had been rolling their own for many years mentioned that they felt our papers made their cigarettes ‘taste different’. This was something that took us a long time to figure out the cause of. After analysis, we believed that our papers didn’t taste ‘different’ but rather these smokers were so used to the taste of certain chemicals (such as chlorine) or other results from the total whitening process in their cigarettes that when these chemicals and additives were reduced, they ‘missed’ the taste! We proved this point to ourselves by conducting tests with specially designed tobacco pipes. The pipes were made out of labglass to be sure that they would not add any flavor to the smoking experience. Our determination was that RAW papers are so natural and pure that smoking a cigarette rolled in RAW is parallel in taste to smoking through a pipe, whereas using conventional cigarette paper presented the added ‘taste’ of the added level of total whitening (even if natural) or any possible chemicals and additives used in their processing.We later designed a watermark that accented the burn qualities of the paper and helped to prevent uneven burning. The unique criss-cross HBI watermark is another proprietary technique we used to accent our papers and help deliver a smooth, even burn. We are very confident that you will find RAW to be the best cigarette paper you have ever used. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our product then please contact us and we will exchange it for packs of one of our other products.
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