How to Use Hempwick | What is Hempwick?

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Ever burned your fingers trying to keep herb or tobacco burning in a pipe? Maybe you know how annoying it can be to keep reaching for a lighter every time you want another hit or to have a lighter kick the bucket halfway through a smoking session.

Pretty much all of us pipe smokers have been there. While you can definitely invest in a lighter that’s better for pipe smoking, hemp wick offers a unique alternative. What is hemp wick, and how do you use it? Take a closer look below.

What is hemp wick?

Hemp wick is a type of wick that is made using twisted hemp fibers to create a sort of twine. The fibers are dipped in a thin layer of beeswax, which allows the fibers to burn more slowly after ignition. Hempwick comes in rolls that can be several hundred feet long. For example, Bee Line Hemp Wick comes in a roll that is 200 feet in length. You can also find hempwick in a try me size here, or explore the  different thicknesses here.

How to Use Hempwick

Hempwick is exceptionally easy to use:

  1. Unroll a length of wick from the roll
  2. Use a lighter or match to light the end of the wick
  3. Place the flame into the bowl of your pipe as needed and rest it in an ashtray when not in use
  4. Extinguish the wick with water when you’re done
  5. Snip off the wet or burnt end if needed

The Noteworthy Advantages of Hemp wick

Without a doubt, hemp wick offers a nice list of desirable advantages when compared to a standard lighter, including:

  • Cost: One roll of hemp wick can last a really long time for the price
  • Burn temperature: Hemp wick doesn’t burn as hot as a standard lighter, which may mean less damage to the delicate components in your herb
  • Earth-friendly: When used properly, you will have very little waste and hempwick is a naturally biodegradable product
  • Clean burn: Hemp wick does not contain chemicals, toxins, or compounds that come along with butane lighters
  • Flavor: Hemp wick is made out of a cannabis-based product, so there is less of a chance of inadvertently changing the flavor of your smoke

Are there disadvantages to using hemp wick?

While hempwick is definitely a good alternative with advantages to speak about, the alternative is not for every person. You do have to keep tabs on the burning wick from the moment you light the flame until it is extinguished for safety reasons. And, with a wick, you will have some ash whereas you don’t with a lighter.

Find the Best Hemp wick Options at Seven Sense International

Ready to trade in your matches and lighters for hemp wick? Be sure to take a look at our collection of quality hempwick from top brands at Seven Sense International. You can even find a hemp wick trial pack if you don’t want to commit to a full roll just yet. We’re pleased to offer all the smoking accessories you need to have only the best experience with every session.

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