Hemp Wraps vs Tobacco Wraps

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When it comes to wrapping blunts, ask any smoker, and they will gladly tell you they have a preference. While wrap flavors and brands will always come up, there are two primary wraps used: hemp wraps and tobacco wraps. What is the best wrap to use? Does it really matter? Take a closer look at hemp wraps vs tobacco wraps below.

What Are Hemp Wraps?

Hemp wraps are simply blunt wrappers that are a bit thicker than the standard rolling paper. The paper itself is made from hemp leaf, which can be a preferred alternative to tobacco leaf wraps. Hemp wraps may be in flat wrap form, which means you have to roll your own, but they can also be found from brands like Raw in the pre-rolled cone shape.

Pros of Hemp Wraps

  • Hemp wraps contain ingredients naturally found in cannabis, such as cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Often made of organic materials and without chemical additives
  • Clean, even burn
  • No nicotine involved
  • Don’t change the flavor of cannabis

Cons of Hemp Wraps

  • Not all natural hemp wraps have a glue strip
  • Hemp wraps can sometimes be harder to roll because the paper flexes differently
  • Can take a little practice to get used to

What Are Tobacco Wraps?

Tobacco wraps are the more traditional type of blunt wrapper that is made out of a tobacco leaf. The tobacco-based rolling papers can be found in a lot of different forms. However, the standard flat wrap is the most common. Since tobacco wraps are made from tobacco, they do contain nicotine, as well as other chemicals.

Pros of Tobacco Wraps

  • Some people prefer the tobacco flavor
  • Available in a large variety of flavors
  • Wraps usually have a glue strip
  • Sometimes less expensive than hemp wraps

Cons of Tobacco Wraps

  • Contains nicotine and other compounds related to tobacco that poses health concerns
  • Often have flavor additives that some people prefer to avoid
  • Tobacco acts as a stimulant, which can alter the smoking experience

What Is the Best Wrap to Use? Hemp or Tobacco?

While many people like the tried-and-true tobacco wrap, hemp wraps are quickly growing to be the most popular option for rolling your own smoke. Hemp wraps contain fewer chemicals and compounds to worry about. And, if you’re smoking cannabis already, rolling the flower in hemp wrap is basically enveloping the herb in the same type of plant. For these reasons, hemp wraps tend to be the better option for modern smokers, even though their price tag can be a bit higher.

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