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Kristian Merwin Glass

Kristian Merwin, a glass artist and entrepreneur based out of Salt Lake City Utah, started blowing glass in 2001. As an artist, he is best known for inventing the Nectar Collector, a wildly popular way to dab with his artistic products. Merwin has built a world-famous product line from his art and continues to innovate.

Kristian Merwin glass products tap into techniques from various disciplines, exploiting glass as a way to craft his own unique take of line and shape. His style is defined as mechanical, abstract, natural and fauna. His work exhibits a love and respect of the human form in respectful expressions that are both elegant and stark. Read more.

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Nectar Collector Honeybird Pro Kit Reviews

Just got mine today. Wasn’t sure what to expect, having to buy without touching it. Expectation vaporized. The Honeybird pro is “heirloom quality”. It’s like something I’M not supposed to touch. But it’s mine. Going to get one for my buddy for the holidays. I’m not one of those unboxing geeks, but, this was clearly packed by a happy human being and not a machine. That’s was cool.

pattersonconsultingllc Online Reviewer

I got the honeybird pro about a week ago. I use it every day it is great I love it . It is very easy to clean. After I got it I had a issue with it the water would randomly drain out when I would pick it up to use but I contacted customer service they gave me a solution quickly which worked. And the case had a small tear on the inside, customer service sent a new out right away. Great service awsome product I will definitely buy more in the future. I just wish I got 1 sooner.

kirt.burgess Online Reviewer

I bought this over a year ago, and it works as perfect as the day I got it. I love it! Functional, and hits a lot harder than you would expect! If you’re considering a NC, I would definitely recommend the Honeybird Pro!!

Amanda Curboy Facebook Comment via @Cannatini

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  • The Honeybird Simple Kit is compact and portable, with a sleek and smooth design. It features a stainless steel 16mm Infinity Tech Connector, and hand-blown borosilicate glass. The centerpiece, the Honeybird Simple Core, has a single hole diffuser, and measures just 2.5 inches in size.

    Honeybird Simple Kit *American Made

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  • Honeybird Kit *American Made

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  • The Honeybird Pro is a small device that you hold in your hand and use to take a type of smoke called "concentrates." It has a new and improved way to connect the parts together, and it comes with a choice of two different filters that help make the smoke smoother. It also comes with a special case to keep it safe. It's made in the USA and is very strong.

    Honeybird Pro Kit *American Made

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Kristian Merwin

As a former professional rock climber with a background in engineering, Merwin’s work is profoundly influenced by the mountains and deserts that surround his home base. His artfully crafted glass products combine organic shapes and colors to signify the tenacity and will that are needed to survive in those high and dry places that define his surroundings.

Exploring The Nectar Collector

For Merwin, it all began with his Nectar Collector line, a favorite among concentrate enthusiasts who appreciate how the device makes dabbing as easy as taking a sip from a straw of your favorite beverage. As the name suggests, Merwin’s Nectar Collector design takes inspiration from the original dabbers, bees and hummingbirds. He set out to create a similar process of easy, simple smoking of waxes and cannabis oils through the use of his Nectar Collector.

His beautifully ornate Nectar Collector functions as a mouthpiece that extends in a tube shape to the concentrate, allowing a simple and efficient way to vaporize sticky cannabis concentrates for consumption. The Nectar Collector is a preferred medium for concentrate enthusiasts who appreciate the preservation of flavor when using the glass creation to vaporize concentrate.

What to expect from the Nectar Collector’s Dab Straw

In addition to how its heated, the Nectar Collector features a portable design that is easily taken on the road. The small size and beautiful design allow you to keep your dab straw private, easily tucked away when not in use. They are easy to use and require little effort. Another quality appreciated by dab enthusiasts is that the Nectar Collector is easy to clean. This is not one of those hulking dab rigs that takes for ever to maintain because of the countless parts to clean. This is a simple straw that requires only a simple q-tip to clean it in a few minutes, using isopropyl alcohol.

The Nectar Collector is ideal for high-quality live resin, sauce and shatter. Its beautiful and unique design represents the highest quality art from Merwin’s collection. This device is quickly becoming a must-have product for cannabis concentrate enthusiasts.


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Kristian Merwin glass products are available at Seven Sense Intl in Columbia, SC as well as on our online store.

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