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Milkyway Glass

Milkyway Glass, a North American company started in California, offers the best quality sandblasted glass products, emphasizing unique artwork on each piece it crafts. A group of avid glass art enthusiasts with expertise in graphical design and international manufacturing who could not afford the pricey pieces they browsed in the market started Milky Way Glass.

The company now strives to craft affordable, functional and beautiful glass water pipes that can be used and admired every day. Milkyway Glass relies on the most talented and skilled artists who specialize in multi-layered sandblasting and who share a deep appreciation for the art of glass. Read more.

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Reviews for Milky Way Glass Bongs, Pipes & More

They have some sick pieces, check out their website highly recommend them. The piece is 9mm thick at its base & 7mm thick everywhere else.

Maleficent_Can_6948 Online Reviewer - Reddit

I have one of their pieces too! Love it!!

KKhuh Online Reviewer - Reddit

I got the arch angel bro..killer

DankAlumni17 Online Reviewer - Reddit

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  • Milky Way: Circuit Board – 4.5″ etched glass handpiece

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  • Milky Way Glass Nuclear Reactor Tube

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  • Milky Way Glass Circuitboard Onyx Core Rig

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  • Milky Way Glass Rosewell 1947

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  • Milky Way Glass Circuitboard

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  • Milky Way Glass Phoenix Prison

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  • Milky Way Glass Space Odyssey: 3022

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  • Milky Way Glass Bee Hive

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  • Milky Way Glass Archangel

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  • Milky way glass waterpipe Etched

    Milky Way Glass Dragons Lair

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  • Milky Way Glass Nuclear Recator

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  • Milky Way Glass X-Morphic: EVO (Pink) Beaker

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Milky Way

The company designs and sandblasts each and every piece in-house. Milkyway bongs and other glass pieces have a reputation for meeting the highest levels of quality, a reputation that is protected by taking pride in crafting Milkyway glass. As a highly regarded company committed to the creation of amazing glass art that combines science, art and function, Milkyway Glass provides a remarkable collection of products.

A beautiful mix of form and function

At Milky Way Glass, each water pipe and every accessory made consists of 100% Borosilicate glass, a highly durable and heat-tolerant material that is favored in industrial and commercial use because of its composition. Sandblast master artists with more than a decade of experience craft the Milky Way bongs and other water pipes as if they were their own works of art.

Each mouthpiece on a Milky Way bong is perfected in production, formed to its size and rounded gently to ensure that the smoke experience is as pleasurable as possible. Each hand-crafted base is designed to optimum mathematical proportions to create the ideal chug for each smoker’s hit, while continuing to provide the best resistance.

Milkyway Glass bongs, dab rigs and smoke accessories

With an impressive product line to show for it, the masters at Milkyway Glass take their art very seriously. Their mission is to become the favorite device enjoyed by all flower and concentrate enthusiasts who appreciate unique bongs, water pipes and dab rigs.

Check out the full line of Milky Way Glass products offered for the most competitive prices in the region. Milkyway Glass features a wide variety of popular bongs, hand pipes, dab rigs and a diverse collection of accessories. For the selection of bongs and water pipes, you will also find their straight tubes and an assortment of beakers. For the uninitiated, you can also experience the Technicolor dream work line of products that blends multi-layered sandblasting and color into the ornate designs. These pieces highlight Milkyway Glass’ expertise in working with borosilicate glass.

Milky Way Glass bongs include popular models such as the:

  • Arch-Angel Beaker
  • Mayan Fort Beaker
  • Space Odyssey Beaker

If you are looking for technicolor dream work pieces, check out Milkyway Glass’ popular styles, such as the:

  • Empathetic Beaker
  • Bio-Grid Beaker
  • Telepathic Beaker

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Milkyway glass products are available at Seven Sense Intl in Columbia, SC as well as on our online store.

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