How to Use a Glass Hand Pipe

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When you enjoy smoking on the go with a pipe, the glass hand pipe is no doubt the way to go. These pipes are small enough to slip into your pocket and go wherever you go, which means your smoke can go with you as well.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a standard glass hand pipe like the Solid American or something more snazzy like a chillum front-loader, learning how to use a pipe is easy. We’ve pulled together the specifics to get you started below.

How to Use a Glass Hand Pipe in Simple Steps

1. Grind your herb

If you’re smoking hemp or cannabis flower, getting a consistent grind will ensure you have a smooth burn once you light up. So pick up a grinder, drop in a nugget, and cut the flower into small and uniform pieces. Usually, this process only takes a few good twists of the grinder. Alternatively, if you don’t have a grinder, you can break up the flower with your fingers or a pair of scissors.

2. Pack the pipe bowl

The bowl is the end of the pipe that is recessed and looks very much like a small bowl. Pick up a pinch of the ground herb and pack it into the bowl. You want to get a pack that is tight enough to hold the material in place but not so tight that it will be difficult to pull air through the little bundle. Simply drop in the flower and tamp it down lightly for the best result.

3. Light it up

Using hemp wick or a lighter, hold the flame to the bowl and inhale. Some glass hand pipes have a small carb hole, which can be covered to get a deeper hit when you inhale the smoke through the mouthpiece. Depending on what you are smoking, you may have to relight the bowl several times until the contents are burned through. If you don’t smoke everything in the bowl in one session, use a Save A Bowl to cover the remaining contents until you are ready to smoke again.

4. Clean up

Keeping a glass hand pipe clean is the key to durability and smoke quality. Therefore, make sure you take a few minutes to clean up your pipe at the end of the day or after each use. Dump the burned-through ash into an ashtray, and then use a pipe-cleaning solution to remove any lingering grime and residue. For tough jobs, you may need something like ResRemover Ultimate Glass and Pipe Cleaner and a small brush.

Add New Glass Hand Pipes to Your Collection with Our Help

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