How To Eat Edibles & Get The Most Out of Them

How To Eat Edibles: Info on the proper way to eat cannabis edibles and get the most out of your experience! We have all the details you need

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Hi! It’s Munkee again at Seven Sense and today we’re going to talk about the right way to eat edibles.

So whether you decide to pick up a cereal treat, brownies, a cookie, gummy chocolate bar – it doesn’t really matter! The wrong way is to eat it like you would eat regular food because when you eat it like regular food it’s going directly into your stomach and it’s going to break up some of the potency which we obviously do not want.

So, in order to preserve as much potency as possible, what you want to do is take a bite chew it up put it underneath your tongue or along your gum line and suck on it because you’re gonna get more directly into your bloodstream the longer it’s in your mouth. Happy eating!!

Learn More About Cannabis Edibles Below

Ready to step into the world of cannabis edibles? Undeniably, edibles are a wholly different experience than smoking cannabis, and, a few pointers are warranted if this is your first time. Edibles provide a unique user experience and a totally enjoyable method of consumption with no smoke involved. Plus, they’re inconspicuous and the effects are long-lived. Ready to get started? We’ve got the details on everything from the best way to eat edibles to what to expect.

How to Eat Edibles – Things to Consider

Product Type

The world of edibles is incredibly vast these days. You can find everything from gummies and hard candy to brownies, cookies, and even infused beverages. The product you choose means a great deal to the experience because this can determine:

  • How many edibles to eat or how much of a product to consume
  • How quickly the effects kick in (e.g. liquids and hard candies may kick in faster than gummies or baked goods)
  • How the product affects you or the intensity of the effects

Timing of Consumption

How an edible affects you can have a lot of underlying factors at play. One such factor is the timing of when you consume the product relative to when you’ve eaten. If you have a full stomach already, it may take longer for the edible to digest and the cannabinoids to be broken down. By contrast, on an empty stomach, the product will be broken down a bit quicker, so the effects can be quicker as well.

Finding the Best Dosage

Finding the best dose with edibles can be tricky but not impossible. The best plan is to stick with less than five milligrams of THC if this is your first experience. New users can actually feel a bit overwhelmed at doses higher than this.

What to Expect with Edibles

Edibles are the slowest to kick in. In fact, you may not feel anything at all for up to 30 minutes to an hour and a half. And, the effects may not peak for two or three hours. Of course, this can depend on what type of product you consume. For example, cannabinoid-infused beverages tend to have a quicker onset of effects simply because the edible is in liquid form.

How Strong Are Edibles?

A lot of people claim edibles are stronger when it comes to the overall effects, and this can be true in some cases. However, the exact potency of the edible varies according to the product. Before trying edibles, always make sure to look at the product label, so you know how many milligrams of THC you are getting.

Also, never assume your edible isn’t working because you don’t feel anything right away. As noted above, edibles take a while to work. Taking more too soon could easily mean you accidentally take too much and have a bad experience.

A Final Word from Seven Sense Intl.

No doubt, edibles have a lot to offer for the right person. However, if you’d still prefer to smoke, we’ve got you covered at Seven Sense Intl. Be sure to check out our full lineup of smoking accessories.

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