The Quadrasesery

What is The Quadrasesery?

The faces, or “poster Goddesses” of Seven Sense Intl. the Quardasesery are quite literally four elemental sisters, embodiments of the forces of nature, necessary to our existence.

Aside from being a blend of religion, mythology, and an interesting take on conservation; the Quadrasesery also represent some of the founding principles of Seven Sense International, such as artistry, generosity, honesty, strength, and the ability to collectively adapt in order to ensure survival.

Goddesses of the Four Elements

The "Four Sisters"

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“The Rescue”

Eduardo G – Madrid, Spain

About this Artwork:

“I preferred to set the scene in the Adriatic coast area of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, around the year 1880.

The place is based on the coastal town of Cattaro, nowadays called Kotor, in Croatia. The policemen wear the uniform used in the area near Bosnia, the rifles you see are a model called Werndl-Holub M1867/77, used by the Austro-Hungarian army between 1867 and 1886. The clothing of the villagers is also typical of that time and place.

In reference to the sign above Vanduo; it means “seductress of men” in German.

The idea came to my mind that Vanduo was captured due to the superstitions and legends of illiterate fishermen and peasants.

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