Artist Credits

Jasmine Able RIP

  •  USA, South Carolina
  • Original Contributor

Rask Opticon

  • USA, Los Angeles
  • Rendered Jasmine Able’s exact work in Amazing 3D with slight edits.

Jose Rodriguez Mota

  • Venezula
  • The most influential artist, and first to Illustrate the Quadrasesery in a “realistic” fashion, the most iconic and accurate representation(s) of them to date.
  • Senior MOTA was also the 1st to depict the Quadrasesery together in one image, and illustrated our masterpieces “The Temple” and “The Stand”.

Anastasia Petrova

  • Russia
  • The initiator of the global initiative, and 1st to render the Quadrasesery in a traditional painting style.


  • Brazil
  • The most contributive artist to our worldwide initiative, and the first to work on the upgraded “cannon detail” redesign(s) followed in all subsequent artwork(s).
  • She also collaborated with Handpedia (Indonesia) to complete our amazing 2022 shirt designs!

Nanang Amiruddin

  • Indonesia


  • Greece

Marcos jo

  • Korea

Eduardo G

  • Spain

Emerald Weapon

  • Russia


  • Vietnam


  • Indonesia
  • Illustrated the Biblical/ Tarot iterations of the Quadrasesery and the 2022 shirt designs.


  • Russia


  • Australia

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