Milky Way Glass Phoenix Prison


The Phoenix Prison Break beaker by Milky way Glass features stunning artwork depicting a phoenix breaking out of a dragon-guarded prison. The beaker base displays the prison blocks being escaped, while the neck of the bong shows the phoenix rising through it. The dragon is etched into the bottom of the thick glass base. The sandblasted artwork tells the epic story of Vera the Phoenix and Darthor the Dragon, who battled in 3205 BC, resulting in Vera imprisoning Darthor in an impenetrable cage deep in Estalan. More waterpipes are set to be released, continuing the story of these two legendary titans. The 45-degree joint, 14mm male flower bowl, ice catcher, and removable downstem make this beaker both functional and visually stunning. Get ready to experience the legend of Vera and Darthor with the Phoenix Prison Break beaker.

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