Highest Quality Sneak a Toke (Made in the USA)


Well machined, American Made Sneak a Tokes! *comes with a Free pack of (5) screens The perfect travel pipe. Made in the USA with better materials, the “radiator design diffuses the heat, a deeper chamber capacity, doesn’t get as hot, and cools down quicker than your typical sneak a toke.

The ones with the (removable) rubber mouthpiece also feature a “hex” design that will keep it from rolling around, while the “wooden” mouthpiece (is not removable) never gets hot and is more comfortable to hold with your teeth.

*We DO carry the Imported/ $5 sneak a tokes in our retail store(s), but decided to only carry the American version here on our site, as we strive to provide only the best quality, in which case these are inarguably, 110% nicer & a much better quality than those cheap ones!

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