The  Boogie Bug Man  Pipe


Life’s no fun without a good scare,” and with the Boogie Bug Man Pipe , you can add that quintessential touch to your smoking sessions, this 5-inch silicone pipe comes in either a slimy green or the original burlap sack color, reminiscent of the iconic Boogie Bug Man Pipe from “The Scary right before  xmas “

Designed for durability, the pipe won’t crack or break easily, ensuring it’ll outlast even Xmas Skeleton  Man and Rag Doll Lady’s eternal love. The pipe features a replaceable glass filter bowl and an opening front for convenient cleaning. A built-in honeycomb screen and left-side carb hole ensure your smoking experience is as smooth as Xmas Skeleton  Man’s dance moves.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, this unique pipe adds a spooky allure to your collection. Don’t let this limited-edition item slip through your fingers—it’s as eye-catching as it is functional

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