Bowl Cover



In Notes Section at Checkout Please indicate 2-3 different movies/cartoon/comic book character you would like as the designs are always changing and not all are always available

Hey there, fellow connoisseurs! Seven Sense presents you with the ultimate smoking game-changer – our Bowl Cover. Roughly the size of a quarter, this nifty accessory is here to transform your smoking sessions. No more using your thumb or lighter to snuff out your pipe, just let our Bowl Cover do the work. And it doesn’t just stop at functionality; it brings the fun with a range of killer designs. Whether you’re all about Baby Yoda, superheroes, memes, food, or a classic 420 theme, we’ve got something that screams ‘YOU’. So, what are you waiting for? Step up your smoking game with a Bowl Cover from Seven Sense. Trust us, your pipe (and thumb!) will thank you. Elevate your smoke style now