Glow in the Dark Teacup Ashtray


Step into the enchanted world of Seven Sense, your favorite local smoke shop, and discover our whimsical Tea Cup Ashtray. This whimsy isn’t just for show; made of unbreakable, heat-resistant silicone, our teacup shaped ashtray is ready for any smoking session.
Available in either ‘Dreamy Green’ or ‘Wonderland Blue,’ this fanciful accessory not only lights up your space with its vibrant color but also glows in the dark, adding a mystical charm to your smoking experience. The ashtray’s size offers plenty of space for your ash, while the convenient notches are perfect resting spots for your joint or cigarette.
Easy to clean and store, this glow-in-the-dark novelty is not just a conversation starter but a functional addition to your smoke sessions. Experience the magic of our Tea Cup Ashtray and add a sprinkle of enchantment to your smoking adventures!
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