Dungeons & Dragons Mimic Plushie


Venture into the fantastical world of Dungeons & Dragons with this captivating Mimic Phunny Plush. Famous for its ability to shape-shift into any inanimate object, the Mimic has now transformed into a soft and squeezable plush toy. Measuring over 7 inches across, this intriguing creature is crafted from the softest premium materials, infusing it with love and comfort.
Its detailed design pays homage to the iconic Mimic from the beloved role-playing game, offering a playful and unique addition to any collection. Whether you’re a seasoned dungeon master or just starting your adventure, this plush is a must-have for fans of D&D.
Embrace the mystery of the Mimic, a being that can bring either treasure or peril. With this plush, you can hold a piece of the magic in your hands, making it a perfect gift for adventurers of all ages.

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