Lightyear Torch Spaceout


Greetings, earthlings! Have you ever dreamt of soaring through the galaxy with a trusty torch by your side? Look no further than the Thicket refillable butane Lightyear torch in Spaceout! Inspired by the gaming and cartoon community, this torch is a must-have addition to your torch collection.

Not only is it perfect for smoking, but it also excels at baking, bartending, BBQs, bonfires, camping, and even soldering. And let’s not forget about the massive flame – it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before in a refillable butane torch. With a one-time trigger pull and adjustable flame intensity, this torch is a breeze to use.

Plus, the safety lock ensures that you can explore the universe without worry. And when you’re not using it to light up your world, the included spaceship stand lets you display it at a beautiful angle. The Thicket Lightyear torch also features a stainless steel tip that will withstand the rigors of space travel. Join Buzz Lightyear and explore infinity and beyond with the Thicket refillable butane Lightyear torch. Order yours today and prepare for takeoff!

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