Mama: Chicken Flavor

Welcome, snack-dazzlers! Brace yourself for the Mama: Chicken Flavor – the rockstar of ramen, handpicked from the neon-lit food streets of Thailand and brought straight to you by Seven Sense. It’s like slurping a one-way ticket to Bangkok, with its authentic chicken flavor kick that’s as real as the tooth fairy in a tie-dye onesie.
Oh, and did we mention it fits into our snack portfolio smoother than a hot knife through cannabutter? Although it’s not exclusive to us, its unmatched flavor lets it party with us. And trust us, nothing satisfies the munchies quite like this Thai treat.
So, swing by Seven Sense, your favorite local and online smoke shop, to ride the ramen wave. We’re all about good smoke, great food, and the best Ramen – Mama: Chicken Flavor. Hop on board; your taste buds will thank you!