Raw “Lean” Cones (3pc) *Includes Reusable Doob Toob


Rejoice in the magic of rolling with our pack of 3 Raw “Lean” Cones, complete with a reusable Doob Toob, in various vibrant colors. These aren’t just any cones, these are Raw’s new “Lean” cones – the epitome of a satisfying smoke.
Picture this: the length of a king size, but the capacity of a 1.25 cone, for a smoke that’s slow and oh-so-satisfying. These are the industry’s best selling and most popular rolling papers and cones for a reason! At Seven Sense, we’re proud to be a licensed Rawthentic carrier of all Raw products.
Unleash your smoking experience to its full potential with our Raw “Lean” Cones pack. But act fast, these fan-favorites won’t stay in stock for long! Ready, set, roll!

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