Raw Pressed Bud Cones


Prepare to elevate your smoking session with the dynamic duo of RAW Pressed Bud Wraps King Size Cone (KS) and the equally impressive 1/4″ Size Cone. These beauties are tailored for true herb enthusiasts who appreciate style and a top-notch smoking experience.
Crafted meticulously and with a passion for excellence, both the King Size and 1/4″ Size cones ensure a diverse smoking experience to cater to your desires. Whether you’re seeking a longer, more leisurely smoke with the KS, or a quick yet satisfying session with the compact 1/4″ cone, these bud wraps have got you covered.
So gear up, pack these cones with your favorite herb, light up, and let the good times roll. With the RAW Pressed Bud Wraps King Size and 1/4″ Size Cones, you’re not just smoking; you’re indulging in a remarkable journey of herbal delight.
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