RAW Rocket Booster Cones Lemon Fuel


 Not your average cone, these bad boys are jam-packed with TERPS + HERBAL RHODIOLA CANNABINOID ACTIVATORS. Trust us, it’s like no other toke you’ve had before. These activators hit your brain’s CB1 receptors, boosting your session to epic proportions. And you know what’s even better?

They’re made from natural unrefined fibers, so you get a pure, clean smoke every time. And let’s not forget about the flavor, man. Lemon Jack is a trip – all zesty citrus vibes with a hint of earthiness. It’s like a groovy dance party for your taste buds! Say peace out to boring old papers and make the switch to RAW Rocket Booster cones.

Take it from us, once you’ve had a taste of this cosmic experience, there’s no going back. Grab yours today and let the good times roll! Available in Lemon Jack, Lemon Fuel, and Sundae Driver flavors.

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