Royal Blunt – Blunts and Roses


Welcome to a smoke sesh upgrade with Royal Blunt’s Blunts and Roses. The game-changer? These wraps are crafted from real rose petals. Yes, you read that right! Their stunning pink hue and tantalizing aroma aren’t just for show; they infuse your smoking experience with a sweet, slow burn that’s as unique as it is enjoyable. Imagine combining the rich, herbal blend of your choice with the fragrant sophistication of rose petals. Each puff reveals a delicate sweetness, transforming your smoke into a sublime moment of relaxation. Coming in a convenient pouch with two wraps, these rose-infused wraps invite you to elevate your routine and explore new horizons of taste and aroma. Whether for personal indulgence or shared pleasure, Blunts and Roses are your ticket to a whole new world of smoking experience. Give them a try, and we guarantee your smoking sessions will never be the same

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