Rasta Beaker with Percolator


Buckle up, ganja fans! We’re thrilled to introduce the 14″ Silicone & Glass Rasta Beaker with Percolator at Seven Sense. This sturdy beauty, a blend of high-grade silicone and crystal-clear glass, is ready to roll with your wildest smoking adventures.
The built-in percolator guarantees smoother, cooler hits by transforming your smoke into a plethora of tiny bubbles. And the vibrant Rastafarian colors? They’re your one-way ticket to the serene beaches and upbeat rhythms of Jamaica!
Here’s the kicker – cleaning and storage are a breeze! This nifty beaker conveniently disassembles, making your after-party tasks a cinch. And let’s not forget the dry slide, which comes as standard.
Want to level up your game? You’ve got the option to upgrade to a banger or nab both, catering to every enthusiast, whether you’re into dry herbs or concentrates. It’s a little piece of Rastafari paradise in your own home. One love, folks!
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