Smoke Odor Candle: Half Baked


Introducing our smoke squashing powerhouse – the ‘Half Baked’ by Smoke Odor Exterminator! This wicked 13oz candle, packing a whopping 70-hour burn time, promises a trip that’s going to last and blast away any undesirable odors lurking about.
The ‘Half Baked’ serves up a scent so divine, it’s better than scoring the last piece of brownie at your munchies-infused hangout. Picture this – a mouthwatering medley of dark chocolate fudge and cookie dough, amplified with a hint of mystic patchouli. Then, a sweet note of vanilla wraps it all up like a cosmic hug, creating an aroma as comforting as your favorite worn-in band tee.
 So, whether you’re looking to satisfy a craving or simply set the mood, ‘Half Baked’ is the ultimate ticket to your aromatic nirvana.

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