Smoke Odor Candle: Munchies


Prepare to be delighted by the scent explosion of our Munchies Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle! This stoner’s dream not only fights off gnarly odors but fills your space with an irresistible medley of delicious aromas. Imagine stepping into a foodie fest and being hit by the delectable combo of caramel, hot buttered popcorn, freshly made donuts, warm cinnamon churros, sweet dough, and a hint of vanilla. That’s the Munchies experience in a nutshell!
This hefty 13oz candle promises a hefty 70 hours of burn time.  Munchies delivers an atmosphere that’s not just fresh but tantalizingly tasty. Forget about uncool odors, this candle’s got you covered with signature Smoke Odor Exterminator technology.
So, light it up, kick back, and let the Munchies candle transform your space into an olfactory feast. Part of the Ultimate 420 Mix at Seven Sense, Munchies is the perfect indulgence for every chill session. Enjoy the vibe and say YUMMY to the air!

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