Super Mario Bros. DVD

Dude, it’s time to get nostalgic with our Super Mario Bros. DVD! This ’90s flick takes Mario and Luigi – played by the wickedly funny Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo – from the console to a loony live-action adventure. The Mushroom Kingdom? Think less cute, more ‘Blade Runner.’ Goombas. You won’t believe it till you see it. It’s Mario like you’ve never seen before, man. With an off-the-wall storyline, a rad cast including Dennis Hopper as King Koopa, and hilariously absurd scenes, it’s the perfect flick for a high-energy night in. Some folks might say it’s so bad it’s good, but those are probably the sober ones. So grab your buds, your buds, and get ready for a Super Mario Bros. marathon! But move quick, before King Koopa snatches ’em all up!