The Stabby Bunch


Step into a world where America’s most iconic TV family meets horror legends. This remarkable t-shirt features the classic “Brady Bunch” grid filled with the nightmarish faces of Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, Pinhead, Freddy Kruger, IT, Leatherface, Regan (the Exorcist), and Chucky.
Designed by Get Down Art in collaboration with the Church of Horror, this shirt is made from 100% high-quality, pre-shrunk cotton with a durable screen print that won’t fade, ensuring comfort and longevity. Double-needle stitching adds extra durability for endless wear.
With limited availability, this unique t-shirt brings together pop culture nostalgia and a horror-film edge in one must-have garment. Perfect for any horror aficionado or retro TV fan.
Get yours today from Seven Sense before they’re gone!
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