Weed Leaf Ashtray


The Weed Leaf Ashtray is ready to bring a splash of fun and flair to your living space.. This piece is not just a functional accessory but also a visual delight that promises longevity, thanks to its durable poly resin material.
As you look it over it, you can’t miss the numerous textured weed leaf designs that not only stick out but give it a dynamic and tactile appeal. These raised patterns invite you to touch and feel the intricate details, making the ashtray a lively conversation starter. Set against a bright orange backdrop, the green leaves create a vibrant contrast, ensuring it becomes a focal point in any room.
This ashtray isn’t just designed to hold your cigarettes, joints, and blunts; it’s an art piece that can effortlessly elevate the aesthetics of your space. If you are on the hunt for a unique gift for someone who appreciates distinctive items, this ashtray could be it.
 At Seven Sense we are committed to helping you discover exceptional and premium gifts, and this ashtray is no exception.

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