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  • Gav Lab Spherical Pocket Bubbler

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  • The GRAV Lab Wedge Bubbler is a sleek and portable glass waterpipe with a unique wedge shape. Its ergonomic design and rounded corners make it easy and comfortable to hold. Despite its small size of just 3 inches, the Wedge Bubbler delivers impressively smooth hits

    Grav Lab Wedge Water Pipe

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  • The GRAV Rain Bubbler is a 6.5-inch glass water pipe with a unique, teardrop shape that's sure to catch your eye. It features a fixed fission diffusing downstem with a 14mm male cup style herb slide for a smooth smoking experience. Made with durable boro glass, this bubbler is built to last. It's sold individually and comes with a built-in downstem and 14mm male cup herb slide.

    Grav Labs Rain Bubbler

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  • GRAV Wave Bubbler: smooth smoke in a unique wave design. Triangle base for stability and curved shape to minimize splash. 6.5" with 14mm male cup.

    Grav Labs Wave Bubbler

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