Grav Lab Wedge Water Pipe


The GRAV Lab Wedge Bubbler is a sleek and portable glass waterpipe with a unique wedge shape. Its ergonomic design and rounded corners make it easy and comfortable to hold. Despite its small size of just 3 inches, the Wedge Bubbler delivers impressively smooth hits, thanks to its fixed fission diffusing downstem and 14mm male cup style herb slide.

This bubbler is made from durable boro glass and is sold individually. It includes a built-in downstem and a 14mm male cup herb slide, but can also be used with a  14mm 45° Male Banger.

If you’re looking for a compact and stylish waterpipe that delivers a smooth smoking experience without the need for a percolator, the GRAV Wedge Bubbler is an excellent choice.

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