Glass Replacement Bowl for silicone hand pipe


Life throwing you curveballs with a broken or AWOL bowl from your silicone hand pipe? Don’t sweat it, Seven Sense has got your six with the Glass Replacement Bowl for Silicone!
This mini marvel is not just your average glass bowl, it comes packing with a built-in honeycomb screen, keeping your puffs pure and your flavors authentic.
Despite your silicone hand pipe being as sturdy as a sequoia, its one Achilles heel is its dainty glass bowl insert. But fear not, the Glass Replacement Bowl is here to swoop in like a superhero sidekick, ready to replace the lost or broken piece.
The switch is as easy as pie and the high-quality, heat-resistant glass ensures a top-notch toke every time. So, next time life gives you a surprise plot twist, remember the Glass Replacement Bowl is here to keep your smoke sessions on the smooth sailing route!

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